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An agreement between nations to work together
a) Allegiance b) Alliance c) Social pyramid d)
Ancient Egyptian writing symbol
a) Hieroglyph b) Cuneiform c) Scribe d)
A large stone coffin
a) Hieroglyph b) Ceremony c) Sarcophagus d)
A time of very little food
a) Famine b) Feminine c) Census d)
Official population count
a) Alliance b) Census c) Sentence d)
To treat a dead body with preservatives
a) Embalm b) Emblem c) Eminem d)
Ancient Egyptian farm work
a) Peasant b) Vizier c) Pheasant d)
He advises the pharaoh
a) Alliance b) Pharaoh c) Vizier d)
A skilled craftsperson
a) Alliance b) Artisan c) Ankh d)
A triangular shape showing levels of society
a) Social pyramid b) Social studies c) Artisan d)
Why did it take so long to become a scribe?
a) There were so many hieroglyphs to learn b) There were not enough scribes c) It didn't take long d)
Who else had rights in ancient Egypt?
a) Slaves b) Women c) Children d)
Why were the bodies embalmed?
a) For fun b) For the family c) For the afterlife d)
What did scribes do?
a) Keep official records b) Fight in the military c) Lead the government d)
Why were social classes a good thing?
a) It strenghtened the army b) Everyone knew their role c) To punish the slaves d)
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