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What is due process?
a) How you become a citizen b) An official change to the Constitution c) The government can't treat you unfairly d)
Which 1st amendment freedom protects your right to publish your opinion in a newspaper?
a) Religion b) Press c) Petition d) Speech
Which 1st amendment freedom protects your right to ask the government to change something?
a) Religion b) Assembly c) Petition d) Speech
A benefit of having lots of immigration is that:
a) America becomes more diverse b) Fewer people speak our language c) There are fewer jobs for Americans d) There are no benefits
What are two requirements of the Naturalization process
a) Eat a cheeseburger, Speak English b) Pass a civics test, recite a poem c) Speak Spanish, pass a civics test d) Speak English, Pass a civics test
What are the two ways to become a citizen?
a) Birth, Naturalization b) Birth, Amerification c) Speak English, Naturalization d) Birth, Pass a civics test
paying taxes and serving on a jury if called are both examples of:
a) civic duties b) civic responsibilities c) d)
Community service is an example of:
a) civic duty b) civic responsibility c) d)
Which amendment defines citizenship?
a) 14th amendment b) 5th amendment c) 1st amendment d) 16th amendment
Voting is an example of a
a) Civic duty b) civic responsibility c) d)
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