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Air becomes saturated when it cools to its:
a) evaporation point b) transpiration point c) dew point d) cloud point
Two ways to change humidity are:
a) height and weight b) force and friction c) speed and direction d) temperature and amount of water vapor
When air is holding all the water it can, it is:
a) empty b) saturated c) transpiring d) dry
Which can hold more water?
a) there is no difference b) old air c) cold air d) warm air
Clouds form through:
a) transpiration b) evaporation c) condensation d) precipitation
Rain, sleet, snow and hail.
a) precipitation b) condensation c) transpiration d) evaporation
Plants releasing vapor into the air through leaves.
a) precipitation b) transpiration c) evaporation d) condensation
The amount of water vapor in the air.
a) condensation b) precipitation c) evaporation d) humidity
When water vapor cools and changes back into a liquid.
a) evaporation b) transpiration c) condensation d) runoff
When liquid water changes into water vapor.
a) evaporation b) condensation c) transpiration d) precipitation
Cold soda cans sometimes leave wet rings on tables because of:
a) precipitation b) transpiration c) evaporation d) condensation
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