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Which philosophy believes in peace and nature?
a) Confucianism b) Daoism c) Buddhism d) Legalizm
What are goods that are made and then sent out of a country called?
a) export b) import c) terra cotta d) rudder
Brownish-red clay is called what?
a) acupuncture b) export c) terra cotta d) rudder
How many miles did the Silk Road stretch?
a) 400 b) 1000 c) 4000 d) 6000
How many students that took the civil service test passed?
a) 1/10 b) 1/5 c) 1/3 d) 1/2
What philosophy believed in harsh laws and punishments?
a) Confucianism b) Daoism c) Buddhism d) Legalism
What group of people built the Great Wall of China?
a) farmers b) merchants c) nobles d) government officials
What is social class?
a) promoting a peaceful society b) school of law c) people who have a similar position in society d) eases pain through the use of needles
What Chinese invention made it easier for ships to travel into the wind?
a) silk b) kite c) ice cream d) rudder
Confucius believed eveyone needed to have what?
a) laws and punishment b) a sense of duty c) time in nature d) lots of money
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