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In what layer of Earth\'s interior would you find liquid iron and nickle?
a) crust b) inner corse c) outer core d) mantle
What does the theory of plate tectonics explain?
a) why the sea is salty b) how and why continents move c) what kind of plates we use at the dinner table d) how shells are formed
Where does the heat that causes volcanoes come from?
a) the sun b) the moon c) the Earth\'s hot interior d) friction of earthquakes
which of the following things can break solid rocks into smaller pieces?
a) wind, running water, and freezing ice b) jellybeans, chemical reactions, wind c) chemical reactions, snow, flowers d) plants, water, chemical reactions
What types of rocks are formed when bits and pieces of other materials are squeezed together?
a) sculpted b) igneous c) sedimentary d) pretty ones
What types of rocks are formed when old rocks are melted or squeezed together?
a) sedimentary b) metamorphic c) sandstone d) sculpted
Remains or evidence of an oragnism from the past imprinted into a rock are called:
a) fossil b) cookies c) weird things d) mineral
What is it called the various change in rocks called?
a) the great, big, awesome change b) the rock cycle c) the rock path d) the rock band
The crust is the:
a) thickest layer b) thinnest layer c) the brown part of my bread d) made up of solid metals
The outer core is:
a) the thickest layer b) made of solid, compressed, melted metals c) part of an apple d) made of molten iron and nickel
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