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The Wounded Knee occupation involved Native American protests about
a) lack of control over their reservations b) treaty rights c) both of these d) none of these
President Carter was able to negotiate a peace treaty between
a) the Panthers and the Broncos b) North and South Vietnam c) Afghanistan and the USSR d) Israel and Egypt
The Sunbelt was an area which
a) lost population b) increased in population c) was not represented in March Madness d) increased the retirement age from 65 to 70
President Ford pardoned
a) draft dodgers b) Richard Nixon c) people who were obsessed with March Madness d) Vietnamese people who had fought against the US
Many soldiers in Vietnam were injured while being held as
a) draft dodgers b) hostages for tickets to March Madness games c) burglars at the Watergate d) Prisoners of War
In the 1970s, Americans seemed to be obsessed with
a) staying out of other country's affairs b) March Madness c) current events as they happened d) straight hair
President Carter gave pardons to those who had
a) broke into Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building b) refused to watch March Madness c) left the country to escape serving in the military d) been held hostage in Iran
Refugees who fled Vietnam after the US left were often referred to as
a) Basketball Bubbles b) Boat people c) Hari Krishnas d) Groovy
Jim Jones led people to South America where his experiment with religion ended when
a) he and 900 others were arrested and convicted of fraud b) UCLA beat Ganzaga c) the President resigned d) he and 900 others committed suicide
Embargo means
a) Baylor won the tournament b) to steal information c) a reduction in nuclear weapons d) not selling to or trading with another country
Religion in the 1970s included
a) several prayers during March Madness b) highly energetic services, charismatic leaders and introduction of some Asian religions c) making prayer in public places illegal d) famous people advertising against it on television
After the US left Vietnam,
a) it became a democracy b) it became a communist country c) Many Vietnamese started watching March Madness d) they declared an oil embargo against us
Patty Hearst became a well-known person because she
a) was killed at Kent State b) protested the Vietnam conflict c) was supposedly taken hostage and then was seen taking part in crimes d) was the first coach of Virginia Tech
The Vietnam conflict ended for the US in
a) a decisive victory b) time for the soldiers to see March Madness c) 1973 d) 1976
The women's rights movement in the 1970s was about gaining
a) the right to vote b) equality c) the right to work outside the home d) the right to bet on March Madness
This movie series began in the 1970s
a) Hunger Games b) Star Wars c) March Madness d) Lord of the Rings
Popular music from the 1970s included
a) Disco, punk rock and pop b) Acid rock, folk songs and psychedelic c) Hip hop, rap and boy bands d) Gonzaga tunes
The Supreme Court upheld a woman's right to have an abortion in this decision
a) Arizona vs. Purdue b) Watergate c) Brown vs. the Board of Education d) Roe vs. Wade
This entertainment device was created in the 1970s
a) cell phone b) touchscreen telephone c) walkman d) March Madness
These technology companies started in the 1970s
a) Samsung and Android b) Microsoft and Windows c) Microsoft and Apple d) Villanova and Duke
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