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philosophy : _____ :: authentic : counterfeit
a) doubt b) belief c) rule d) laws
photosynthesis : plant :: _____ : student
a) lunchbox b) salad c) book d) recess
_____ : bibliophile :: mountain : skier
a) library b) book c) research d) quiet
painting : pastels :: photography : _____
a) lenses b) brushes c) easel d) dark room
_____ : philanthropist :: bully : friend
a) thief b) donor c) contributer d) sponsor
friend : pal :: biodegradable : _____
a) perishable b) indestructable c) eternal d) infinite
biography : _____ :: lemur : mammal
a) nonfiction b) fantasy c) science fiction d) historical fiction
cell : elephant :: photon : _____
a) sun b) particle c) invisible d) tiny
Philadelphia : ____ :: Europe : continent
a) city b) Pennsylvania c) country d) state
biology : _____ :: etymology : word origins
a) biotic factors b) abiotic factors c) rocks and minerals d) weather conditions
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