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What was the middle passage?
a) the name of the boat b) the selling of the slaves c) the taking of the slaves d) the boat voyage
What is the triangular trade?
a) the trade route the connected all three desinations b) the boat trip c) the taking of the slaves d) the trade of shells for slaves
Where did most slaves go?
a) Americas b) Europe c) Asia d) Canada
What type of slave was most sought after?
a) kids b) young males c) females d) males over the age of 50
What happened to the Africans that were left in Africa?
a) Their tribes were torn apart b) They made new and better towns c) They all moved to Asia d) They prospered
What was the name of the slave ship that had a mutiny on it?
a) Tristad b) peace c) Amistad d) Freedom
What was traded for the slaves?
a) sea shells b) white slaves c) European money d) boats and roads
What area where mots slaves taken from?
a) North Africa b) West Africa c) south Africa d) Turkey
Why did slave traders continue with slave trading?
a) the Africans enjoyed it b) they need people to work c) they hated all africans d) it was very profitbale
When did the slave trade end?
a) 1800s b) 1700s c) 1900s d) 1600s
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