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_____ is the instrument used to measure air pressure.
a) thermometer b) anemometere c) psychrometer d) barometer
_____ is the height of an object above the Earth's surface.
a) altitude b) distance c) pressure d) air pressure
The uppermost layer of the atmosphere is the
a) stratosphere b) troposphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
The atmosphere is divided into layers based on
a) pressure changes b) altitude c) temperature changes d) oxygen levels present
Most heating of the troposphere is done by
a) conduciton b) convection c) radiation d) ultraviolet radiation
The ozone layer is located in the
a) stratosphere b) mesosphere c) exosphere d) ionosphere
The ____ is the coldest layer of the atmosphere.
a) troposphere b) thermosphere c) stratosphere d) mesosphere
Ozone is a molecule that is made of ____ oxygen atoms.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
What gas is most abundant in the atmosphere?
a) oxygen b) hydrogen c) nitorgen d) carbon dioxide
The bottom layer of the atmosphere, where almost all weather occurs is the ____.
a) stratosphere b) troposphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
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