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Who was the cause of the Trojan War?
a) Hector b) Helen c) Homer d) Odysseus
Who wrote the Iliad?
a) Marge b) Lisa c) Homer d) Bart
What is a long poem that tells a story?
a) Epic b) Story Poem c) Acrostic d) Boring
Which one was about the Trojan War?
a) War Tales b) Trojan Horse c) Iliad d) Odyssey
What name was given to Alexander?
a) OK b) Meh c) Good d) Great
Who was a famous Greek philosopher?
a) Hector b) Alexander c) Socrates d) Playdoh
What was the temple built to honor Athena?
a) Acropolis b) Parthenon c) Wise Temple d) Athena's Crib
What is a system of government in which people are elected?
a) Democracy b) Oligarchy c) Monarchy d) Electionarchy
A story that does not end well for the main character
a) Comedy b) Drama c) Tragedy d) Sad story
Member of the upper class
a) Rich person b) Aristocrat c) Aristotle d) Pharaoh
Which one valued warfare?
a) Athens b) Corinth c) Sparta d) Megara
Which one valued education and science?
a) Athens b) Corinth c) Sparta d) Megara
Who invented geometry?
a) Hector b) Helen c) Euclid d) George Tree
What form of government began in Athens?
a) Oligarchy b) Democracy c) Monarchy d) Electionarchy
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