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This layer protects the Earth from meteorioids
a) Troposphere b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
This part of the stratosphere filters out harmful UV light that causes sunburns
a) Ionosphere b) ozone layer c) mesotherm d) aurora film
The layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone layer
a) stratosphere b) mesosphere c) troposphere d) thermosphere
The layer of the atmosphere where we live and all life is found
a) stratosphere b) mesopshere c) biosphere d) troposphere
This is the reason why the global winds curve as it travels between the Equator and Poles
a) ozone effect b) Coriolis Effect c) electromagnetic surge d) oxidation
When the Earth's atmosphere holds onto heat
a) smog capture b) pollution retention c) radiation effect d) greenhouse effect
Water found in the air as a gas is known as?
a) Hydrogen vapor b) Water vapor c) oxygen d) nitrogen dioxide
When you take a breath, most of the gas you breathe in is which gas found in the atmosphere?
a) Hydrogen b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Carbon dioxide
This gas is found in the highest concentration in the atmosphere
a) Hydrogen b) Nitrogen c) Oxygen d) Carbon dioxide
Which of the following does not happen to the sun's rays when it reaches the Atmosphere?
a) Scattered by the magma underground b) Absorbed the the Earth's Surface c) Absorbed by the atmosphere d) Reflected by the water and ice on the surface
This is the form of heat transfer that the sun can do to warm the Earth
a) radiation b) conduction c) convection d) radvection
Contains the living organisms on the Earth
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Biosphere
Contains the solid ice on the surface of the Earth
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Cryosphere d) Biosphere
Contains the Earth's liquid water, making up 3/4 of the Earth's surface
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Biosphere
This is the envelope of gasses that surround the Earth
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Biosphere
The solid mass of Earth, made up of the metal core, solid middle layer and rocky outer layer
a) Atmosphere b) Geosphere c) Hydrosphere d) Biosphere
This is the layer that auroras are found
a) thermosphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
The part of the thermosphere that filters out solar radiation, creating auroras
a) exosphere b) mesosphere c) ionosphere d) ozone layer
This part of the thermosphere is found the farthest from the surface of the Earth
a) exosphere b) ionosphere c) ozone layer d) troposphere
What is the correct order of the layers of the atmosphere from surface to space?
a) tropo, meso, strato, thermo b) tropo, strato, meso, thermo c) tropo, thermo, meso, strato d) thermo, meso, strato, tropo
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