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The high school graduate accepted _______ diploma proudly.
a) their b) his c) her d) his/her
_________ students would rather do a worksheet that answer a digital quiz.
a) Each b) Many c) Anybody d) Much
Bill and Tom, both friends of Ted, were puzzled by her questions ________.
a) himself b) himselves c) themself d) themselves
When Jody heard the response, she chuckled to herself about ____.
a) it b) them c) those d) we
All of us think our school is the best and because we think that, ____ act in ways that make it the best.
a) us b) he/she c) they d) we
Peggy and Steve will talk about _____ work.
a) his/her b) hers and his c) their d) its
The old merchant delivered the new shoes to _______.
a) Kiko and I b) Kiko and me c) myself and Kiko d) my and Kiko
A ninja's life may seem exciting, but _____ ninjas must work hard to perfect our skills.
a) me b) us c) we d) them
Master Kung drew his sword cleared a circle around ____.
a) himself b) he c) hisself d) him
______ may look like farmers from down the road, but they are actually deadly ninjas.
a) She and him b) Him and her c) He and her d) She and he
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