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to judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of; assess
a) evaluate b) emaphasize c) valid d) irrelevant
justified, well-founded, effective
a) analyze b) valid c) explicit d) vague
to examine critically, in order to bring out the important elements
a) emphasize b) relevant c) logical d) analyze
reasonable, to be expected
a) logical b) explicit c) evaluate d) valid
connected to the matter at hand; important to; related to the topic
a) invalid b) logical c) relevant d) explicit
off-topic; not related to the topic
a) invalid b) evaluate c) logical d) irrelevant
weak, unfounded, unworthy
a) irrelevant b) explicit c) vague d) invalid
clearly expressed or demonstrated, specific, definite
a) explicit b) valid c) logical d) vague
not clearly stated or expressed
a) irrelevant b) vague c) logical d) analyze
to stress; give importance to
a) relevant b) explicit c) emphasize d) logical
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