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to put something back together
a) preserved b) intact c) reconstruct d) remnants
a person who knows a great deal about history
a) historian b) era c) preserved d) intact
whole or complete
a) remnants b) historian c) era d) intact
small pieces or parts of something that are left over
a) remnants b) era c) intact d) fragments
a period of time or history
a) preserved b) remnants c) intact d) era
a person who digs up and studies remains of ancient cities
a) remnants b) fragments c) archaeologist d) historian
small, broken pieces
a) era b) fragments c) intact d) remnants
protected; not decayed or damaged
a) remnants b) era c) fragments d) preserved
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word intact?
a) broken b) forgotten c) mistaken d) stolen
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word preserved?
a) blunt b) destroyed c) glossy d) responsible
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