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Acids form what kinds of ions
a) Hydronium ions (H3+) b) Hydroxide ions (OH-) c) Nuclei ions d) Electron ions
The pH of a substance is a measure of its
a) Hydronium ion concentration b) Hydroxide ion concentration c) Boiling point d) Ability to mix with water
The other name for a base
a) Alkali b) pH c) Indicators d) Electrolyte
When an acid and a base solution react they form what product(s)
a) water and a salt b) water c) salt d) nothing
A substance has a pH of 13, this tells you what about the substance
a) The substance is strongly basic b) The substance is weakly basic c) The substance is stongly acidic d) The substance is weakly acidic
When dissolved in water, strong bases
a) Will conduct electricity b) Will form hydronium ions c) Will do nothing it is just water d) Will turn blue
What is an electrolyte
a) a substance that when dissolved in water conducts electricity b) a neutral solution c) substance that has a negative charge d) a substance that feels slippery
What do we call a material that tells us if a solution is an acid or a base (Remember the Paper towel and windex)
a) Indicator b) Alkali c) Acid d) Base
The ions associated with a basic solution
a) Hydrozide ions (OH-) b) Hydronium ions (H3+) c) Nuclei ions d) Electron ions
A pH range of 0-6 is
a) Acid b) Base c) boiling point d) neutral
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