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The top of a wave is called the ______________.
a) crest b) trough c) wave height d) wavelength
he distance between the tops of the wave is called the ___________________.
a) wavelength b) wave height c) crest d) trough
One of the waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum includes
a) all of the answers are correct b) Microwaves c) Visible Light d) Gamma Rays
Which of the following is a color of the Visible Light Spectrum
a) Indigo b) Magenta c) Teal d) Coral
Which wave has the longest wavelength of the EMS?
a) Radio Wave b) Infrared Radiation c) Ultraviolet d) Gamma Rays
Which wave has the shortest wavelength of the EMS?
a) Gamma Rays b) Radio Wave c) Infrared Radiation d) Ultraviolet
Which wave of the EMS is considered to be dangerous?
a) All of them are considered to be dangerous b) Gamma Rays c) X-rays d) Ultraviolet Light
Which color of the Visible LIght Spectrum has the longest wavelength?
a) Red b) Yellow c) Blue d) Violet
Which color of the Visible LIght Spectrum has the shortest wavelength?
a) Violet b) Yellow c) Red d) Blue
Which of the following is NOT a high frequency wave?
a) Visible Light b) Gamma Rays c) Ultraviolet Light d) X-rays
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