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Why is King Tut famous?
a) He lived for 70 years. b) Amazing artifacts were found in the tomb. c) d)
The major purpose of pyramids was...
a) ...stonehouses for crops b) tombs for pharaohs c) d)
How did Khufu ensure his power?
a) He declared himself a god. b) He made strong treaties. c) d)
What structure was built with 2 million stone blocks?
a) the Sphinx b) The Great Pyramid of Giza c) d)
Sensuret 1 controlled natural resources such as...
a) ...copper and gold mines b) ...forests c) d)
Why did they reconstruct the White Chapel?
a) Other pharaohs destroyed it. b) It was an experiment. c) d)
Hatsheptsut was the first...
a) priest b) female pharaoh c) d)
Hatshepsut's monument at Dayr-al-Bahri was...
a) ...a pyramid in the desert b) ...a great temple built into a cliff c) d)
What pharaoh ruled for 60 years and built the most statues of himself?
a) Khufu b) Ramses II c) d)
What is NOT true about Abu Simbel?
a) It had 200 sphinxes. b) It was moved. c) d)
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