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Ahmed called Carol and (I/me).
a) I b) me c) d)
Julie, Jennifer, and (I/me) made toys for the kindergarten class.
a) me b) I c) d)
(They/Them) mow lawns during summer vacation.
a) They b) Them c) d)
Uncle Clyde told my sisters and (I/me) a story.
a) I b) me c) d)
Roger and (I/me) rode our new bikes.
a) I b) me c) d)
We took the eggs out and boiled (they/them) in water.
a) them b) they c) d)
Aunt Cara brought (she/her) for a visit.
a) she b) her c) d)
Select the correct pronoun: (He/Him) and Derek will get to school early.
a) He b) Him c) d)
Select the correct pronoun: Byron lent (I/me) this video.
a) I b) me c) d)
Select the correct pronoun: Mom called (we/us) in for supper.
a) we b) us c) d)
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