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A group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms is called a(n)______.
a) energy pyramid b) climate c) biome d)
Which of the following is a living factor in the prairie ecosystem?
a) water b) sunlight c) soil d) grass
The place where an organism lives and that provides the things an organism needs, is called its _____.
a) habitat b) population c) species d) community
Which of the following is an example of a population?
a) the cats and dogs in your neighborhood b) the bushes and grass in a park c) the rocks in a rock collection d) the gray wolves in a forest
The smallest unit of ecological organization is a single _____.
a) population b) community c) organism d) ecosystem
Prairie dogs, snakes and grass make up a level of ecological organization called a(n)_____.
a) organism b) species c) community d) ecosystem
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
a) made of cells b) uses energy c) breathes air d) reproduces
All of the different populations that live together in an area make up a(n) _____.
a) organism b) community c) species d) ecosystem
If an organism is hard to find, which method would you use to estimate its population?
a) direct observation b) indirect observation c) sampling d)
What method of population estimation would you use to find the population of kittens born at your neighbor's house?
a) direct observation b) sampling c) indirect observation d)
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