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Identify the correct pronoun in the following: Both magazines offered (its/their) customers a good deal.
a) their b) its c) d)
Identify the antecedent in the following: Both magazines offered their customers a good deal.
a) their b) magazines c) deal d) customers
Identify the correct pronoun: Paula and Rosa brought samples of (her/their) winning recipes.
a) her b) their c) d)
Identify the antecedent: The club decided to raise its membership dues.
a) dues b) membership c) its d) club
Carla and ___________ love to talk on the phone.
a) I b) me c) it d) we
The telephone is the most wonderful part of technology for __________.
a) we b) us c) d)
____________ both learned to recognize each other's voice on the phone.
a) Us b) We c) d)
Evelyn and ____________ never run out of things to talk about.
a) she b) her c) d)
Is the following correct? Bill and me saw the movie.
a) correct b) incorrect c) d)
Mom gave Akira and ____ a job for the afternoon.
a) me b) I c) d)
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