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What is the shortcut to adjust the locators to fit a particular region when in cycle mode?
a) C b) U c) Command-C d) Command-U
What menu do you click to Bounce?
a) File b) Edit c) View d) Track
Creates a new stereo file on your hard drive, and you must choose a filename and location for the new file.
a) Importing b) Bouncing c) Sharing d) Exporting
What menu do you click on to Select All?
a) File b) Edit c) View d) Track
What is the shortcut to Bounce?
a) Command-B b) Command-A c) A d) B
What is the shortcut to Select All?
a) Command-B b) Command-A c) A d) B
When a song is too loud, the Output channel strip peak level display shows a positive value and turns
a) green b) yellow c) red d) blue
What allows you to determine what the instrument sounds like with and without the plug-in?
a) Presets menu b) Inspector c) Options button d) Power button
Where in the channel strip do you open the plug-in menu?
a) Sends slot b) Settings slot c) Audio FX slot d) Output slot
When you want to loop a track, you can check the loop box which is found
a) in the mixer b) in the Inspector c) in the Control Bar d) in the Tracks Area
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