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This text structure gives information in order of occurrence.
a) Description b) Headings c) Problem/Solution d) Chronological order
This text structure provides descriptive details about characteristics, and actions in the text.
a) Description b) Bold print c) Chronological order d) Captions
This text feature navigates the reader through sections of the text.
a) Captions b) Description c) Subheadings d) Illustrations
This text structure gives reasons and explanations for happenings.
a) Problem/Solution b) Cause/Effect c) Bold print d) Chronological order
This text structure uses words such as same, as well as, unlike, and opposed to.
a) Compare and Contrast b) Headings c) Captions d) Description
This text feature divides the text into sections according to the information being presented.
a) Compare/Contrast b) Bold print c) Illustration d) Headings
This text feature signals words that are important or found in the glossary.
a) Headings b) Bold print c) Problem/Solution d) Captions
This text structure uses words such as first, second, before, and after.
a) Description b) Cause/Effect c) Chronological order d) Headings
This text structure sets up a problem and its solution.
a) Problem/Solution b) Cause/Effect c) Compare/Contrast d) Chronological order
This text feature helps the reader understand information in a visual way.
a) Problem/Solution b) Illustrations c) Subheadings d) Cause/Effect
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