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to pull up or force someone to move
a) scald b) awe c) uproot d) oppress
to reflect light or shine, as if wet
a) uproot b) glisten c) unconsciuos d) swift
not according to rule or accepted order
a) glisten b) swift c) opress d) irregular
an overwhelming feeling of admiration
a) awe b) scald c) irregular d) glisten
to burn with hot liquid or steam
a) uproot b) scald c) opress d) awe
a pause of uncertainty or indecision
a) totter b) glisten c) hesitation d) swift
to walk in a wobbly, unsteady manner
a) totter b) awe c) unconscious d) glisten
to abuse power in a way that causes suffering
a) totter b) hesitation c) scald d) oppress
passed out or asleep
a) awe b) unconscious c) irregular d) scald
quick or fast-moving
a) hesitation b) totter c) swift d) uproot
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