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identify the inner planets
a) venus. earth, mars, jupiter b) jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune c) mercury, venus, earth, mars d) ???
What planet has liquid water?
a) mars b) earth c) venus d) the moon
Which of the following rotate on an axis?
a) moon and earth b) earth and sun c) earth, moon and sun d) moon and sun
how long does it take for the earth to orbit the Sun?
a) 24 hours b) 365 days c) 29 days d) 1 day
What is the sun composed of?
a) rock b) hot lava c) melted chocolate d) burning gas
How long is the day and night cycle of Earth?
a) 12 hours b) 5 minutes c) 29 hours d) 24 hours
What causes the tides to change from high to low?
a) the Earth's seasons b) the pull of gravity from the moon c) the earth d) the waves in the ocean
Which has no real surface?
a) the earth b) the moon c) the sun d) rotation
How many planets are in our solar system?
a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 d) 9
On Earth year is equal to:
a) 135 days b) 29 days c) 365 days d) 385 days
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