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What is the 1st planet from the Sun?
a) Mars b) Venus c) Earth d) Mercury
What is the 2nd planet from the sun?
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Venus d) Earth
What planet has the longest orbit around the sun?
a) Jupiter b) Neptune c) Pluto d) Saturn
What is the only planet to have life and liquid water?
a) The Moon b) Earth c) Mars d) Mercury
What is the 4th planet from the sun?
a) Pluto b) venus c) Mercury d) Mars
What is the 6th planet from the sun?
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Uranus d) Mars
What planet is on its side and is the 7th planet from the Sun?
a) Jupiter b) Uranus c) Mars d) Venus
Who served us nachos?
a) Yo mama b) My Very Educated Mother c) My Very Education Dad d) Spongebob
What is the sun?
a) the source of all energy b) the source of the Moon's light c) the center of our universe d) all of the above
What did your mother do recently?
a) Just Served Us Nachos b) Just Ate Our Nachos c) My Very Educated Mother d) Nothing So I Am Still Hungry
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