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DNAis made of subunits called what?
a) proteins b) nucelotides c) traits d) deoxyribonucleic acid
Nucleotides are made of sugar, a phosphate and a
a) base b) ribosome c) gene d) protein
Who discovered that the amount if adenine in DNA always equals the amount of thymine?
a) Rosalind Franklin b) Francis Crick c) Erwin Chargaff d) James Watson
What scientist made images of DNA by using X-ray diffraction?
a) Rosalind Franklin b) Francis Crick c) Erwin Chargaff d) James Watson
What did Watson and Crick\'s model of DNA look like?
a) a ball b) a long, twisted ladder c) links in a chain d) a straight line
A string of nucleotides that has information for making one trait is
a) a protein b) a cell c) an amino acid d) a gene
Each set of three bases is a code for
a) a specific cell b) a specific amino acid c) a specific ribosome d) a specific chromosome
The first step in making a protein is
a) RNA copying DNA b) amino acids linked together c) mRNA going to ribosome d) transfer RNA matching mRNA
What is the type of mutation where a bas is added to the gene?
a) deletion b) ultraviolet c) insertion d) substitution
Using DNA to identify who committed a cirme is
a) genetic engineering b) DNA cloning c) genetic disease d) DNA fingerprinting
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