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Erosion is moving particles over time. Which is NOT erosion
a) ice b) wind c) water d) rain
Any experiments results are more reliable when..
a) you ask the teacher b) You repeat the test more than once c) change everything and do it again d) copy off your neighbor
What type of soil would water flow straight through?
a) gravel b) clay c) sand d) humus
Erosion is moving particles over time. Which is NOT erosion
a) grinding rocks together b) roots breaking through the ground c) animals eating plants d) ice grinding on a rock
Glaciers cause..
a) Deposition b) Melting c) Erosion d) Evaporation
Which type of rock holds the most water
a) clay b) gravel c) sand d) silt
When doing an experiment on soil you need
a) just gloves b) gloves and goggles c) just goggles d) apron and gloves
Which soil is best for Texas
a) Peat, because it holds a little water b) Sand, because it holds some water c) Gravel, because it holds no water d) Clay, because it holds lots of water
What process can shape rocks
a) deposition b) erosion c) evaporation d) faulting
Texture of soil depends on the
a) age of soil b) size of grains c) crops you can plant d) type of soil
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