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How can compounds be classified?
a) (A) by their pH or whether they are acids or bases b) (B) as organic or inorganic c) (C) by their role in the body d) (D) All three~ A, B, and C
How can elements be classified?
a) (A) metals b) (B) nonmetals c) (C) metaloids d) (D) All three~ A, B, and C.
What happens when a pure substance undergoes a chemical change?
a) (A) The chemical bonds that hold atoms together are broken. b) (B) A new substance is formed. c) (C) A mixture can be formed. d) (D) Both A and B.
a pure substance made up of one type of atom; a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler materials
a) atoms b) element c) molecule d) compound
a particle made up of two or more atoms that are chemically joined; the smallest unit of a compound that keeps all the properties of that compound
a) atoms b) element c) molecule d) compound
a substance made up of two or more atoms of different elements that are chemically combined
a) atoms b) element c) molecule d) compound
a combination of two or more substances or a variety of elements and compounds that are not chemically combined
a) atoms b) molecule c) compound d) mixture
either a single element or a single compound, that has definite chemical and physical properties
a) atoms b) pure substance c) element d) compound
Which of the following does not describe a pure substance?
a) They are made up of one type of particle. b) They cannot be formed or broken down by physical changes. c) They can be elements, molecules, or compounds. d) They can be a mixture.
the basic building blocks of matter; the smallest unit of an element that maintains the properties of that element
a) atoms b) elements c) molecule d) compound
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