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taking action to make something happen
a) contribution b) custom c) immigrant d) tradition
differences between people that make them unique
a) diversity b) immigrant c) culture d) tradition
a group of people's way of life in thinking, art, language and traditions
a) culture b) immigrant c) community d) diversity
taking action to make something happen
a) contribution b) custom c) tradition d) culture
a joyful occasion that marks a special event
a) celebration b) tradition c) custom d) diversity
a person who leaves one country to permanently live in another
a) immigrant b) community c) culture d) tradition
a practice followed by people who come from the same area
a) custom b) contribution c) community d) culture
cultural activities, events and beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation
a) tradition b) diversity c) community d) celebration
a group of people who live or work together in the same place
a) community b) culture c) contribution d) immigrant
Every year on March 17th we celebrate...
a) Valentines Day b) St. Patrick's Day c) April Fool's Day d) Hanukkah
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