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something not made by nature
a) mimic b) artificial c) flexible d) techniques
to stand in the way or block progress
a) function b) obstacle c) mimic d) flexible
the use or purpose of something
a) function b) flexible c) mimic d) obstacle
special ways of doing something to achieve a desired result
a) techniques b) mimic c) flexible d) dedicated
to work together
a) collaborate b) obstacle c) dedicated d) flexible
to imitate
a) mimic b) obstacle c) artificial d) flexible
to give or devote time to something
a) flexible b) techniques c) mimic d) dedicated
able to bend without breaking
a) dedicated b) mimic c) obstacle d) flexible
If something is artificial, then it is...
a) naïve b) unhealthy c) not natural d) exceptionally large
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word flexible?
a) bendable b) gullible c) offensive d) stiff
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