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The fourth planet from the sun
a) Earth b) Jupiter c) Mercury d) Mars
There are ________ planets in the solar system.
a) 10 b) 8 c) 1 d) 6
The path travelled by a planet as it revolves around the sun -
a) orbit b) axis c) octopus d) asteroid belt
The sun revolves around the Earth.
a) True b) False c) d)
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars make up the __________
a) outer planets b) asteroid belt c) inner planets d) happy planets
The __________ is in the center of the solar system.
a) moon b) Saturn c) Earth d) sun
A rain gauge is used to measure ____________
a) air pressure b) precipitation c) wind speed d) temperature
The sun is a ________________.
a) planet b) moon c) star d) asteroid
The sun provides heat energy which powers ___________.
a) the water cycle b) cars c) the unicycle d) metamorphosis
If an alien from another universe was traveling TOWARD our sun, the first planet he would see would be -
a) Earth b) Mercury c) Neptune d) Uranus
Which of the following show an increase in precipitation from Monday to Tuesday.
a) Monday had 3 cm of rain. Tuesday had .30 cm of rain. b) Monday had 5 cm. of rain. Tuesday had 2 cm of rain. c) Monday had .10 cm of rain. Tuesday had 1 cm of rain. d) Monday had .4 cm of rain. Tuesday had .4 cm of rain.
Molly was using a weather tool to determine the direction of the wind. Which weather tool did she use?
a) Thermometer b) Barometer c) Rain Gauge d) Wind vane
All of the following are outer planets EXCEPT?
a) Mars b) Uranus c) Jupiter d) Neptune
The sun provides the Earth with -
a) Mechanical and sound energy b) Sound and light energy c) Heat and light energy d) Mechanical and heat energy
Which of the following is an example of evaporation?
a) clouds forming b) a puddle drying up c) fire d) snow
Where does the energy come from in order for the ocean waters to evaporate?
a) the sun b) green trees c) batteries d) the moon
The inner planets are all -
a) large in size b) cold c) small in size d) farthes from the sun
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