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It looks different throughout
a) Heterogeneous Mixture b) Homogeneous Mixture c) Mixture d) Matter
A homogeneous mixture that remains uniformly mixed
a) Solution b) Solvent c) Solute d) Solubility
It looks the same throughout
a) Homogeneous Mixture b) Heterogeneous Mixture c) Mixture d) Pure Substance
A blend of 2 or more kinds of matter where each keeps its own identity properties
a) Mixture b) Element c) Compound d) Matter
2 or more elements which are chemically bonded together
a) Compound b) Mixture c) Element d) Pure Substance
The smallest part of an element that still has the same properties of that element
a) Atom b) MIxture c) Pure Substance d) Element
Made of a single kind of atom
a) Matter b) Compound c) Element d) Mixture
Anything that takes up space and has mass
a) Matter b) Element c) Atom d) Pure Substance
Made of only one kind of atom or molecue
a) Pure Substances b) Matter c) Atom d) Element
The substance being dissolved
a) Solute b) Solvent c) Solubility d) Solution
The substance which does the dissolving. most commonly, water
a) Solvent b) Solution c) Solute d) Solubility
The ability to dissolve
a) Solubility b) Solution c) Solute d) Solvent
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