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elaborate; difficult to understand
a) complex b) intricate c) cocky d) strut
arrogant, conceited, too sure of oneself
a) cocky b) strut c) lustrous d) tawny
something that joins or connects; a loop of a chain
a) network b) channel c) buff d) link
to start into motion; to set afloat or propel into the air; to plunge into something energetically
a) launch b) amble c) etch d) raging
to tear down; to put an end to
a) coast b) rubble c) demolish d) mangle
A system or unit consisting of many connected parts; intricate
a) intricate b) network c) channel d) complex
Hall or passageway
a) channel b) gulf c) corridor d) erect
to cut into metal or glass; to impress or imprint clearly
a) chisel b) etch c) mangle d) buff
a light brown to brownish orange
a) buff b) tawny c) lustrous d) kindling
a metal tool used to cut or shape stone; or to cheat by deception
a) chisel b) mangle c) etch d) coast
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