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The roots of most plants grow the same direction as gravity.
a) True b) False c) d)
The environment is always changing.
a) True b) False c) d)
Plants respond to light by growing away from the source of it.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of these is an example of camouflage?
a) a moth that looks and acts like a hummingbird b) a bear that sleeps in a cave all winter long c) a colorful fish that lives among bright colored coral d) an elephant that uses its large ears to fan itself
Which of these is an example of hibernation?
a) a desert fox with large ears b) a bird's color matching its surroundings c) a camel that closes its nostrils to keep out sand d) a chipmunk sleeping for most of the winter
When an animal blends in with its surroundings, it is using what?
a) Hibernation b) Camouflage c) Migration d) Mimicry
Which of the following is an example of mimicry?
a) a giraffe with a king neck to reach high leaves b) a nonthreatening snake that looks like another more poisonous snake c) a lizard that changes color to blend in with its environment d) A skunk using a strong odor to scare away predators
What are certain traits or characteristics that help living things survive in their environments?
a) Physical characteristics b) Habitats c) Adaptations d) Behaviors
Building dams can create new habitats for some species.
a) True b) False c) d)
Animals' traits can help them meet their needs within their habitat.
a) True b) False c) d)
When a bird flies south for the winter, it_________________.
a) hibernates b) camouflages c) migrates d) mimics
Plants have tropisms to all of the following except________.
a) light b) water c) gravity d) odor
Which word describes a plant's response to its environment?
a) tropical b) tropism c) gravity d) stimulus
What is a tropism?
a) a plant's response to its environment b) a change in climate c) something found in soil d) an animal's adaptation
Pollution, volcanoes, and forest fires are all examples of what?
a) types of pollution b) effects of overpopulation c) causes of deforestation d) environmental changes
If there are no living members of a species left, that species is what?
a) endangered b) dead c) extinct d) migratory
Species that are more sensitive to pollution than others are called ________ species.
a) overly sensitive b) indicator c) endangered d) extinct
Which of these are natural events that change ecosystems?
a) flood, pollution, deforestation b) earthquake, over fishing, fire c) huricane, flood, landslide d) farming, recycling, over fishing
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