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A type of memorization strategy that sorts items into groups
a) categorization b) rhyme c) acronym d) loci
A memorization strategy that uses pictures to remember information
a) visualization b) pegword c) loci d) acronym
A memorization strategy that used a beginning letter of each word in a statement to remember items
a) acronymic sentence b) pegword c) loci d) categorization
A strategy that creates a type of poem to remember information
a) rhymes b) categorization c) pegword d) loci
A strategy that uses number words and words that rhyme with information to remember it
a) pegword b) loci c) rhyme d) acronym
A strategy that uses familiar places to create a route to remember information
a) loci b) rhyme c) pegword d) visualization
DETER is an example of which memorization strategy?
a) acronym b) rhyme c) acronymic sentence d) categorization
PLease excuse my dear Aunt Sally is an example of which memorization strategy?
a) acronymic sentence b) acronym c) loci d) pegword
The pictures we created to represent the water cylcle is an example of which strategy?
a) visualization b) pegword c) loci d) rhyme
Our route of places to remember the games is an example of which memorization strategy?
a) loci b) pegword c) categorization d) visualization
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