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In what state was Abraham Lincoln born?
a) Kentucky b) Iowa c) Missouri d) Florida
In what state was George Washington born?
a) Alabama b) Virginia c) North Dakota d) California
What subject did George Washington like best in school?
a) science b) art c) reading d) math
What subject was Abraham Lincoln's favorite?
a) spelling b) math c) reading d) social studies
What ordinal number tells about George Washington's presidency?
a) first b) tenth c) third d) sixteenth
What ordinal number tells about Abraham Lincoln's presidency?
a) tenth b) sixteenth c) second d) fourteenth
During what war did Abraham Lincoln live?
a) World War I b) Civil War c) Revolutionary War d) Viet Nam War
During what war did George Washington live?
a) Korean War b) World War II c) Civil War d) Revolutionary War
How did George Washington die?
a) was shot during the war b) had pnuemonia during the winter c) fell out of a tree and broke his neck d) was thrown off of a horse and died from injuries
What caused Abraham Lincoln's death?
a) fell off of a ladder and died later b) was shot during the war c) shot in the head while watching a play d) stabbed by a thief one night in the dark
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