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which word means beach resort
a) el balneario b) bravo c) dorado d) azahar
which word means waste or garbage
a) la arena b) a causa de c) dar a d) los desperdicios
which word means orange blossom
a) dorado b) el azahar c) dejado d) environmental damage
which word means left as in left behind
a) dejado b) dar a c) bravo d) el balneario
el faro means
a) bucket b) shovel c) light house d) beach towel
which word means waves
a) la sombrilla de playa b) silla de playa c) las gafas de sol d) las olas
if I cannot swim, I might need the help of....
a) las olas b) el castillo de arena c) el salvavidas d) el frisbee
which one is a type of tree
a) la gaviota b) la palmera c) el traje de baƱo d) la manta
nosotros form of jugar
a) juegan b) jugamos c) jogumas d) jueguemos
ellos form of querer
a) quere b) quiere c) quieren d) qouieren
what does pensar mean
a) to close b) to find c) to think d) to play
which word means to return
a) volver b) acostar c) dormir d) poder
which word means to close
a) perder b) cerrar c) empezar d) encontrar
empezar changes what to what
a) e to i b) e to ie c) o-ue d) u-ue
what does poder mean
a) to start b) to close c) to put d) to be able
querer means what
a) to want b) to prefer c) to be able d) to find
perder means what
a) to put b) to lose c) to win d) to be able
what is the nosotros form of perder
a) perdimos b) pierdemos c) perdemos d) pierdimos
preferir changes what to what
a) e to i b) e to ie c) u to ue d) o to ue
how do I say beach
a) perder b) poder c) la playa d) la silla de playa
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