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able to be seen
a) moisture b) visible c) particles d) erode
saying or doing something over and over
a) repetition b) particles c) visible d) formation
to wear or wash away very slowly
a) visible b) erode c) particles d) contact
very small bits or pieces
a) contact b) particles c) visible d) erode
an arrangement of parts that fit together
a) moisture b) formation c) erode d) structure
something that is made or formed
a) moisture b) contact c) formation d) repetition
a touching or meeting of things
a) contact b) particles c) moisture d) visible
a slight wetness caused by water or another liquid
a) visible b) contact c) structure d) moisture
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word moisture?
a) dampness b) dryness c) surface d) weather
The ___________ of the beating drum gave me a headache.
a) contact b) formation c) repetition d) structure
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