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Males are more likely to receive what?
a) sex-Linked traits, which leads to sex-linked disorders b) recessive alleles, which leads to them being taller c) dominant alleles, which leads to them being taller d) gene therapy, which leads to their voice being lower
In a pedigree who are represented by squares?
a) Males b) Females c) Mothers d) Fathers
Sickle-cell disease is a genetic disorder where what is abnormal?
a) The form of hemoglobin b) The blood c) The red blood cells d) The white blood cells
People who have identical DNA are what?
a) Identical Twins b) Siblings c) Parents d) Family
A bacterium that was created to use in humans to produce insulin is an example of what?
a) Genetic Engineering b) Gene Therapy c) Cloning d) Hybridization
An X or Y chromosome can be given by which parent?
a) Father b) Mother c) It's magic! d) Another cell
What shows you all of the chromosome and could you identify a genetic disorder?
a) Karyotype b) Pedigree c) Family Tree d) Genome
What process leads the offspring being genetically the same as the parent?
a) cloning b) selective breeding c) hybridization d) inbreeding
Alleles come in pairs of what?
a) Two b) Four c) Six d) Eight
What can be easily identified using a karyotype?
a) Down Syndrome b) Hemophilia c) Inbreeding d) Genetic Engineering
What is the genetic process when breeders cross different individiuals?
a) hybridization b) inbreeding c) cloning d) genetic engineering
Human Genome Project was done by scientists to identify every single piece of what?
a) DNA b) genes c) alleles d) phenotype
Someone who has a recessive and dominant allele for a trait is a what?
a) carrier b) dominant c) recessive d) selected
What can be carried on the X and Y chromosomes?
a) Sex-linked genes b) extra chromosomes c) DNA d) genotypes
What is all of the DNA in one cell of an organism called?
a) Genome b) Pedigree c) Clone d) Genes
What are caused by DNA mutations or changes in chromosomes?
a) Genetic Disorders b) Cloning c) Genetic Engineering d) Hemophilia
A pedigree is used to what?
a) Trace inheritance of traits in humans b) Trace genes in humans c) Trace the number of chromosomes d) Trace your family tree
Your blood type is controlled by what?
a) Multiple Alleles b) One Allele c) X Chromosome d) Y Chromosome
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