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The term Bantu can best be described as
a) People that were once known as farmers and animal herders b) People that migrated all over the continent of Africa c) Bantu represents the language that a variety of ethnic groups speak d) All of the above
Where can the Ashanti ethnic group be found?
a) Kenya b) Egypt c) Ghana d) South Africa
Which religion is most common among the Swahili today?
a) Judaism b) Islam c) Christianity d) None of the Above
What part of Africa can a majority of Arabs be found?
a) in South Africa only b) in North Africa from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean c) Along coast of the Mediterranean Sean and Indian Ocean d) None of the above
Tiffany reads the Quran every night before she goes to sleep. She prays 5 times a day and fasts every year during Ramadan. This is a description of Tiffany's
a) ethnic group b) religious group c) daily ritual d) family traditions
Which would be an example of an ethnic group?
a) people who grow similar food b) people who share a language or history c) people who share a belief in god or gods d) people who like to read the same literature
Water pollution has an effect on several things. The major problem with water pollution is
a) the disease carried in dirty water makes people sick and can lead to death b) people will not be able to maintain good sanitation if they bathe in dirty water c) many young girls must drop out of school because they have to gather water several miles away d) all of the above
What do some people believe might lead to water wars in Africa in the future?
a) end of farming as Africa moves to heavy industry b) demands to reroute rivers to supply water to the rain forests c) competition among countries that compete for scarce water resources d) United Nations decrees telling African nations how to share their water
Due to the effects of illegal logging, crops have been unable to grow in the region Jason lives. The soil has become cracked and dry, unable to support plant life. Jason's village may soon be affected by
a) famine b) deforestation c) water pollution d) none of the above
What is the biggest threat to the African rainforests today?
a) overpopulation b) war and political unrest c) logging of trees for fuel d) pollution from nuclear power plants
Which would be typical of what one would find in a savanna?
a) desert b) grasslands c) coastal plains d) high mountain ranges
All the trees in a large area have been cut down leaving nothing to protect the soil which has caused soil erosion and the destruction of many animals habitat. This is an example of
a) deforestation b) desertification c) logging d) poaching
Sasha lives in the region south of the Sahara. She frequently has to search for food and water as she lives a semi-nomadic life. The climate of her home region is hot and arid. Sasha must live in the
a) Sahara b) Sahel c) Savanna d) Tropical Rainforest
The Savanna region of Africa is
a) the largest desert on Earth where nomads live b) a region where grasslands grow naturally, supporting plant, animal, and human life c) a warm, humid area near the Earth's equator with plentiful forests, water, and animals d) the region south of the Sahara with about 6-20 inches of rain per year, creating a hot, arid climate
Beth lives along the Eastern coast of Africa. She must belong to the _____________ ethnic group
a) Swahili b) Bantu c) Arab d) Ashanti
Mya is a person that has no permanent home. She frequently wonders around her home region looking for an oasis. The region is one of the largest deserts in the world. Mys lives in the
a) Sahara b) Sahel c) Savanna d) Tropical Rainforest
Which has been a major cause of desertification?
a) several years of heavy rain and flooding b) heavy seasonal winds coming off the desert c) over-grazing and cutting down trees for fuel d) government programs that have led to the expansion of urban areas
Which is a result of desertification for the people living in the Sahel region?
a) increased tourism b) more jobs in manufacturing c) increased starvation and poverty d) decreased support from the United Nations
What is the process of fertile land beginning to slowly become less fertile and more like a desert?
a) deforestation b) drought c) desertification d) famine
Bantu practice what relgiion/s?
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Traditional Animist Religions d) All of the above
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