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Which of the following is NOT a necessary characteristic of a living thing?
a) Living things are made of cells. b) Living things eat. c) Living things grow and develop. d) Living things reproduce.
The smallest unit of life is the _____.
a) cell b) homeostasis c) protein d) organism
controls what enters and leaves the cell
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
contains water, macromolecules, and other substances
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) cell wall
site of photosynthesis in a plant cell
a) cytoplasm b) nucleus c) chloroplast d) cell membrane
controls the functions of the cell
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) chloroplast
break down food and release energy
a) chloroplast b) nucleus c) cytoplasm d) mitochondria
Chloroplasts capture light energy and produce _____.
a) ATP molecules and carbohydrates b) DNA and RNA c) carbohydrates and DNA d) ATP molecules and DNA
_____ transports materials within a cell and between cells.
a) Fast b) Sugar c) Protein d) Water
How do substances get in and out of a cell?
a) They move through holes in the cell membrane. b) They are transported by RNA. c) They are transported by proteins. d) They do not move in and out of cells.
Which type of cell has the biggest vacuoles?
a) They are all about the same size. b) plant c) animal d) bacteria
Groups of cells that work together to perform a certain function are called _____.
a) organisms b) organ c) tissue d) organ system
Besides storage, what does a vacuole provide in a plant cell?
a) energy b) structure c) protein production d) communication with other cells
What is the difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane?
a) The cell wall is just outside the cell membrane and is strong and rigid. b) The cell membrane is just outside the cell wall and is strong and rigid. c) The cell wall is just outside the cell membrane and is more flexible. d) The cell wall is just outside the cell membrane and is more flexible.
What is golgi apparatus's function?
a) packages proteins into vesicles b) production of proteins c) destruction of proteins d) seal off the nucleus
All cells have the same structure but different functions.
a) false b) true c) d)
Cells make proteins on small structures called amino acids
a) True b) False c) d)
Some bacteria are organized into tissue, organs, and organ systems.
a) true b) False c) d)
What do eukaryotic cells have that prokaryotic cells do not have?
a) nucleus b) water c) DNA d) cell membrane
Most plants and animals are single-cell organisms.
a) True b) False c) d)
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