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Who invented the microscope?
a) Anton Leeuwenhoek b) Albert Einstein c) Robert Hooks d) Mrs. Pierce
Printed matter is made up of a complex arrangement of________?
a) dots b) cubes c) ink d) squares
The _________ of the dots determines how light or how dark an image is.
a) size b) shape c) number d) impression
The 3 primary colors are:
a) red, yellow, blue b) black, white, grey c) orange, purple, green d) red, white, blue
A blend of colors is called:
a) optical mixture b) complex arrangements c) pointillism d) photographs
Which paper has sharper and clearer pictures?
a) glossy magazine b) newsprint c) colored paper d) white
What is a word that means smallest?
a) micro b) magnify c) convex d) concave
French art of the 1800s that uses small dots of color that blend together from a distance is called:
a) Pointillism b) Watercolor c) Collage d) Impressionism
When observing a specimen on the microscope, place your slide on the________.
a) stage clip b) eyepiece c) base d) mirror
When focusing a specimen on the microscope, use the_______.
a) eyepiece b) stage c) base d) stage clip
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