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How many Counsels were there in the Roman Senate?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
How many consecutive terms , by law, could a Counsel serve
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
What was the title given to the person who took control; when Rome was threatened?
a) Emperor b) Centurian c) Gladiator d) Dictator
How was Julius Caesar killed
a) Run over by a chariot b) Bitten by an Asp c) Stabbed 23 times by members of the Senate d) In the battle of Thermopylae
In what year have historians traditionally said that Rome fell?
a) 33 CE b) 133 CE c) 476 CE d) 1492 CE
What modern technology did Roman builders use?
a) Cement b) Asbestos tiles c) Fiberglass d) Steel Girders
What was the term given by Romans to people outside of their civilization?
a) Patricians b) Plebians c) Barbarians d) Thespians
What Religion did constantine use to unite his empire?
a) Christianity b) Traditional Roman Polytheism c) Zoriasorianism d) Islam
What is a Triumvirite?
a) A 3 pronged weapon used by Gladiators b) A ruling group of 3 people c) A 3 year term of service as a Roman soldier d) A 3 day celebration of a victory in battle
Which of the following Modern languages does NOT have its roots in the Roman language of Latin?
a) Spanish b) French c) German d) Italian
What was the name of the city that became the center of the Empire when it moved east? Later known as Constantinople?
a) Athens b) Byzantium c) Cairo d) Baghdad
Which of the following was NOT a Roman Emperor?
a) Julius Ceasar b) Augustus Caesar c) Constantine d) Alexander the Great
Which of the following was the term given to the upper class of Roman citizens?
a) Plebians b) Patricians c) Thespians d) Ephesians
What type of Government is most associated with Ancient Rome?
a) Democracy b) Republic c) Anarchy d) Communism
The history of rome can be linked most closely to the spread of what religion?
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Judaism d) Zoriastorianism
True or False -Traditional Roman religion was adapted from Greek Mythology?
a) True b) False c) d)
The Term for the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church is...
a) Pope b) Vicar c) Cthulu d) Patriarch
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