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All the amendments included in the Constitution today were proposed by
a) Congress b) state legislature c) a national convention d)
The amendment process often takes a long time becasue
a) all of Congress must approve b) it must win broad support c) the president must approve d)
The Bill of Rights drew ides from all exceot
a) State constitutions b) English Bill of Rights c) Declaration of Independence d)
Who demanded the addition of the Bill of Rights
a) Congress b) Framers of the Constitution c) People wary of government d)
The 1st Amendment protects
a) individual freedoms b) person accused of crime c) citizens abuse from power d)
The ninth amendment states that citizen's rights
a) must be protected by state governments b) are not limited to those listed in the constitution c) cannot be changed by changed by any branch of government d)
Interpreting rights involves weighing them against
a) people's opinions b) every situation c) other rights d)
In the Tinker case study, the supreme court ruled that students
a) have no right to free speech b) must obey school officials c) do have a right to free speech d)
The Skokie case study showeed that the First Amendment protects
a) intense hatred b) familiar symbols c) unpopular opinions d)
The 4th amendment protects citizens from
a) government restrictions on guns b) unreasonable search and seizure c) having to provide housing for soldiers d)
Accused persons have a right to
a) be tried by jury b) put up bail c) remain silent d) all of the above
According to justice hand, protecting rights is most importantly the job of
a) citizens b) congress c) the US Constitution d)
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