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____________________ copies a cell’s contents and/or formatting into an adjacent cell or range.
a) filling b) gridlines c) splitting d) titles
The default number format is _______________, which displays numbers the way you type them.
a) general b) currency c) fill d) column
To resize a column, place the pointer on the right edge of the _____________ heading until the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow. Click and drag to the right until the column expands to the width you want.
a) column b) border c) general d) fill
The ____________________ format displays numbers with a dollar sign, a thousands separator, and two decimal places.
a) currency b) general c) fill d) border
You can add emphasis to a cell by placing a(n) ____________________ (or line) around its edges.
a) border b) fill c) general d) column
The default ____________________ (or background) color of cells is white, but you can change this background color to help accentuate certain cells, such as descriptive labels or totals.
a) fill b) border c) column d) general
A group of selected cells is called a(n) ____________________.
a) Range b) Page Down c) Ctrl+Home d)
To move to cell A1, press the ____________________.
a) Ctrl+Home b) Page Down c) Range d)
To move down one window, press the ____________________
a) Page Down b) Ctrl+Home c) Range d)
When you ____________________ panes, you select which rows and/or columns of the worksheet remain visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls.
a) freeze b) splitting c) gridlines d) filling
____________________ divides the worksheet window into two or four panes that you can scroll independently.
a) splitting b) freeze c) titles d) gridlines
By default, ____________________, row numbers, and column letters appear in the worksheet—but not on the printed page—to help you enter and format data.
a) gridlines b) splitting c) freeze d) titles
When you print, the Rows and/or columns in a worksheet that are shown on each page are called Print __________________________.
a) titles b) gridlines c) splitting d) freeze
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