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Taking something specific and making a broad statement about it (little details to big statement)
a) Generalization b) Summarize c) Evaluate d) Support
Retell major ideas in your own words
a) Generalization b) Summarize c) Evaluate d) Support
Make an educated guess based on facts or evidence
a) Analzye b) Predict c) Infer d) Classify
To tell how things or people are alike
a) Compare b) Contrast c) Classify d) Consecutive
To tell how things or people are different
a) Compare b) Contrast c) Classify d) Consecutive
Break down into parts and explain the parts
a) predict b) evidence c) evaluate d) analyze
describe, explain, or illustrate a concept using examples, evidence and details
a) predict b) persuade c) demonstrate d) verify
guess as to what will happen next based on clues or evidence
a) predict b) infer c) classify d) conclude
examples from the text that show your basis for belief or disbelief
a) analyze b) evidence c) chronological order d) verify
events put into order in which they occurred
a) consecutive b) demonstrate c) predict d) chronological order
drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect such as words having a similar relationship
a) classify b) conclude c) analogy d) verify
Use evidence or standards to make a judgement about the strengths and weaknesses of a position on a particular issue
a) evaluate b) analyze c) verify d) evidence
Use evidence to convince
a) evaluate b) verify c) classify d) persuade
details or information that prove a concept
a) classify b) support c) generalization d) summarize
determine something based on information and reasoning
a) verify b) conclude c) infer d) predict
arrange into groups by common qualities
a) compare b) contrast c) classify d) verify
prove true or correct by evidence
a) conclude b) demonstrate c) evidence d) verify
one after another in order
a) consecutive b) chronological order c) generalization d) predict
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