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Which of the following is NOT an example of a personal-business letter?
a) Cover/Application Letter b) Product Complaint Letter c) Groundbreaking Ceremony Letter d) Thank You Letter
What is the format for a personal-business letter?
a) Modified Block b) Semiblock c) Block d) Justified
What are the margins for a personal-business letter?
a) 2 inch top, 1 inch right, 1 inch left, and 1 inch bottom b) 1inch top, 1 inch right, 1 inch left, and 2 inch bottom c) 1inches on all sides d) 2 inch top, 1.5 inch right, 1.5 inch left, and 1 inch bottom
What part of the letter tells how to contact the writer?
a) Inside or Letter Address b) Return Address c) Complimentary Close d) Salutation
Sincerely is an example of...
a) Complimentary Close b) Inside or Letter Address c) Name of Writer d) Salutation
Block format means all parts of the letter...
a) begin at the left. b) are tabbed. c) are centered. d) begin at the right.
Dear Mrs. Smith is an example of...
a) Name of Writer b) Complimentary Close c) Body d) Salutation
Which of the following is NOT a reason references initials are included?
a) Someone other than the writer types the letter. b) To reply back to the letter c) In case there is a typing mistake d) The writer does not have time to type the letter.
After which two parts of a personal-business letter are there supposed to be quadruple spaces?
a) Salutation and Complimentary Close b) Date and Return Address c) Return Address and Salutation d) Date and Complimentary Close
What is it called when there is no punctuation after the salutation and complimentary close?
a) Open Punctuation b) Closed Punctuation c) No Punctuation d) Mixed Punctuation
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