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What is the base word in unlucky?
a) un b) luck c) y d) there isn't one
What part of speech is the word skinny?
a) subject b) adverb c) conjunction d) adjective
She chewed her food very _______________.
a) loudly b) loudily c) loudy d) loud
The rain came down _______________.
a) steady b) steadily c) steadier d) instead
Which of these are adjectives?
a) politely b) healthy c) bee d) drearily
His throat felt _______________.
a) scratchy b) scratched c) scratching d) scratchily
Which of these is an adverb?
a) jumping b) shaggy c) blue d) awkwardly
Which of these words in an adjective?
a) frosty b) messily c) seriously d) cat
If something feels velvety, how does it feel?
a) squishy b) red c) hard d) soft
Where do suffixes go in a word?
a) middle b) They are separate. c) end d) beginning
Adding -ly or -ily changes the word to what part of speech?
a) Conjunction b) Adverb c) Adjective d) Subject
When do I use -ily?
a) When the word ends with y b) When I want to c) Everytime d) Never
When I add -y to a word it changes its part of speech to an
a) adverb b) subject c) adjective d) conjunction
What does an adjective do in a sentence?
a) Describe a noun b) Describe a verb c) Look pretty d) Show action
What does an adverb do in a sentence?
a) Nothing b) Describe a noun c) Show action d) Describe a verb
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