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Which word means a claim made to rebut a previous claim?
a) Claim b) Evidence c) Irrelelvant d) Counterclaim
Which word means a serious disagreement or argument?
a) Conflict b) Claim c) Reasons d) Evidence
Which word means not connected to an idea?
a) Conflict b) Irrelevant c) Argument d) Relevant
Which word means adequate proof or evidence?
a) Sufficient b) Reasons c) Claim d) Contradict
Which word means the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief is true ?
a) Claim b) Conflict c) Contradict d) Evidence
Which word means appropriate to the matter at hand?
a) Irrelevant b) Relevant c) Argument d) Claim
Which word means a set of reasons given to persuade others that an action or idea is right or wrong?
a) Sufficient b) Reasons c) Argument d) Conflict
Which word means to state, or assert that something is the case?
a) Irrelevant b) Contradict c) Claim d) Evidence
Which word means justification for an action or event?
a) Reasons b) Claim c) Relevant d) Sufficent
Which word means to show to be false?
a) Reasons b) Contradict c) Sufficient d) Relevant
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