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THe force that acts over a distance and pulls objects together.
a) gravity b) velocity c) unbalanced forces d)
The energy of motion is
a) potential energy b) stored energy c) kinetic energy d)
The distance an object moves in a certain amount of time.
a) speed b) newtons c) velocity d)
A change of speed or direction of an objects motion is called ______________.
a) accelerator b) acceleration c) balanced forces d)
Forces that are unequal in size, or opposite in direction are ________________.
a) balanced forces b) forces c) unbalanced forces d)
stored enery is ______________
a) kinetic energy b) potential energy c) acceleration d)
Force is measured in units called
a) inches b) meters c) newtons d)
An object's speed and direction of motion is its ______________.
a) speed b) balanced forces c) velocity d)
Two or more elements that are chemically combined are _______________.
a) physical change b) compounds c) acids d)
Burning a match is an example of ______________.
a) chemical change b) physical change c) tarnish d)
Simple Machines can be combined to make a _____________
a) compound machine b) accelerator c) balanced forces d)
Substances that taste bitter and have a slippery, soapy feel are _________.
a) acids b) bases c) compounds d)
When some metals react chemically with sulfar in the air, ___________ forms.
a) alloys b) bases c) tarnish d)
A process called _________ can seperate salt and water from salt water
a) chemical change b) physical change c) distillation d)
Weak _______are found in many foods such as lemons and oranges.
a) acids b) bases c) compounds d)
A piece of mesh or screen that holds back large pieces in a mixture is a/ an
a) filter b) distillation c) alloy d)
An ___________ is a mixture of two or more metals, or a mixture of metals and nonmetals.
a) evaporation b) compounds c) alloy d)
The change of liquid into a gas is called
a) distillation b) evaporation c) chemical change d)
Chopping wood is an example of
a) physical change b) alloy c) evaporation d)
Forces that are equal in size and are opposite in direction are
a) unbalanced b) unbalanced forces c) balanced forces d)
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